Defensive Driving Can Save Your Life On A Motorcycle

The fall in New Jersey is a very popular time of year for motorcycle enthusiasts to go riding. The beautiful foliage along with the brisk weather invites the opportunity to take a casual drive with friends. Unfortunately, along with this pleasant recreational activity comes a risk for motor vehicle/motorcycle accidents. I routinely see an increase in the occurrence of people who have sustained injuries from auto/motorcycle collisions this time of year. In fact, just recently I have been retained by clients in three separate motorcycle accidents who sustained serious life altering injuries. None of these accidents were caused by the negligence of the motorcyclists but rather from an inattentive driver who invariably states that “I just did not see him.”

Oftentimes, cars will make a left hand turn directly in front of a motorcycle, cutting him off because they simply did not see the motorcycle coming in the opposite direction. As a result, it is extremely important to be vigilant and defensive when driving your motorcycle. With the increase in texting while driving, there has been a dramatic increase in new accidents. When you couple the distracted driver with the size of a motorcycle as compared to a car, a recipe for disaster exists. For obvious reasons, when a motorcycle collides with a car, the car usually wins. Be careful when riding your motorcycle and remember to always keep an eye out for the other cars on the road because a collision resulting from a lane change as a result of the biker being in the blind spot of the driver of a car can have catastrophic life-long consequences. Have fun and be safe and always keep an eye out for the other driver. A little defensive driving when driving your bike can go a long way.


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