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  • Helped Me Rebuild My Life

    I was recently involved in a train accident and was lucky to survive. As a result, I suffered substantial physical and psychological trauma. I chose Ed Lutz as my Injury Attorney since several people referred him to me. I was not disappointed. Mr. Lutz handled every detail, including working with my doctors as well as the complex and difficult negotiations with the train company. My settlement arrived faster than expected and I’m using it to rebuild my life.

    - NB, October 2016
  • Excellent Laywer, Highly Recommend

    My sincere Thanks, To Mr. Edward Lutz & his staff for my excellent legal representation. He was fair professional and yet very comforting and caring. He displaying experience and skill to get the best possible results for me.

    - Elizabeth, September 2016
  • Very Happy with Ed Lutz as Personal Injury Attorney

    I highly recommend Ed Lutz as an injury lawyer. I was recently involved in a vehicle accident that left me with both physical and psychological scars. From the start, Ed listened carefully, handled all the doctor evaluations and dealt with the other side professionally. In short, Ed Lutz did all the work, the case settled quickly and the funds will help me to rebuild my life.

    - Anonymous, July 2016
  • A True Pro

    I came to Ed after being badgered by insurance company from the party that mowed me down, and was getting very little help from my own insurance company. I had never been in a his position. I was in over my head, with just tryingto fit in doctor visits and appointments into a already jam packed work/life schedule.Ed gave me a frank upfront assessment of my situation. He told me to stop worrying about the harassment and focus on getting healthy. He said if I wanted he would take care of getting the insurance adjusters inline and cooperating. He did just that..While going through treatments, surgeries, and recovery he checked in, kept me apprised of what he was researching and giving the technical legal options that were available. Whenever I had questions or needed help, he was always prompt to return calls and handle what needed to be handled.I never felt lost, confused, or pressured, he made sure I was aware of options and what to expect on the horizon. There were no surprises.When it came down to the "end game" , he stayed steady and resolute and got a very fair judgement in my favor.I would not hesitate to tell a friend or family member to sit down with Ed if they found themselves Ina similar situation..

    - Gary, April 2016
  • Completely Satisfied

    Mr. Lutz handled my case to my utmost satisfaction. His dedication to me as his client is positively commendable and his expertise in his field is to be applauded. I will by all means recommend him to my family and friends should the occasion arise whereby an attorney is warranted.

    - Barbara, March 2016
  • Best Lawyer in Morris County

    Mr. Lutz is amazing!! I received excellent services and quick results. I would recommend him to anyone who is in need of a lawyer, very respectful and amazing staff. Kathy was great! Thank you for all your work. Job well done..

    - Ivan, November 2015
  • The Best Lawyer I ever had the pleasure of meeting.

    Ed Lutz is a pleasure to work with; he is very knowledgeable and knows his business. He lets you know what to expect from the beginning of your meeting with him. I highly recommend Ed Lutz.

    - Anna, June 2015
  • Extremly pleased with the results and professionalism in the case.

    Mr. Lutz set expectations up front of the process and approximate time frames. He handled all of the details of the case and informed me regulary on the status. Mr. Lutz performed professionally throughout the case. I totally trusted his advise and knowledge and was not disappointed or mislead. His office staff was friendly, knowledgable and responsive.The case was resolved within the expected timeframes with a result that I was very happy with which was better than I expected.

    - Dianna, April 2013
  • Excellent lawyer!

    Excellent! Highly recommended. On the ball and got the job done! Answered all of my questions and communicated everything to me in a way I could unterstand. He was able to do what was needed to be done for my case. He is up front and honest. Thank you very much.

    - Gina, April 2013

    I contacted Mr. Lutz's office for an initial consultation and met with Mr. Lutz the next day free of charge. After reviewing my case, Mr. Lutz advised me of the things he thought I should do in order to have the best possible outcome. After collecting the appropriate documentation I retained Mr. Lutz on a contingency basis. He went above and beyond what I would have expected. By the time my case was ready to be tried and/or settled Mr. Lutz had reviewed all of the possible outcomes with me as well as all of the details of how he would present my case. My case ended up going to trial and Mr. Lutz was able to not only help me with my piling medical bills but he was also able to prove that due to the severity of my injury I would need further treatment and possible surgery. If you have never been to a lawyer or ever been burned by a lawyer, look no further. Mr. Lutz has now handled 3 separate matters for me with successful outcomes. He deals with all of his clients as if they were his own family members. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of legal representation.

    - Kathryn, June 2012
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    I have been recently seeing a trend in auto insurance companies issuing auto policies with minimal personal injury protection (PIP) coverage. New Jersey is a “no fault” state, meaning that regardless of fault the injured person’s own auto insurance policy covers his own medical bills resulting from treatment of injuries sustained in a car accident. […]


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    Fatal auto accidents are on the rise across the country due to distracted drivers using cellphones. A recent report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows 17,775 traffic-related deaths during the first six months of 2016. This figure represents a 10.4% increase compared with the same time in 2015. The experts have established a […]


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    The fall in New Jersey is a very popular time of year for motorcycle enthusiasts to go riding. The beautiful foliage along with the brisk weather invites the opportunity to take a casual drive with friends. Unfortunately, along with this pleasant recreational activity comes a risk for motor vehicle/motorcycle accidents. I routinely see an increase […]