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About Product Liability Claims in Northern and Central New Jersey

In today’s modern, technology driven world, we rely upon the effectiveness and safety of many manufactured items. These include products such as medicines, power tools and even those found within our homes.

Most of these products are perfectly safe when used as directed. But all too often, a company or individual will put profits before safety or otherwise create a product without due consideration to consumer well being. The results can be devastating. An unfortunate example is the Yaz birth control pill which resulted in severe circulatory issues and even death for the women who put their trust in this contraceptive.

According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, each year, there are approximately 8,000 deaths and 14 million injuries attributed to US consumers as a result of defective products. The resulting economic loss is a staggering $900 billion annually.

Manufacturers have three main safety obligations to consumers:

  • Safe Design
  • Quality Control of the Manufacturing Process
  • Adequate Information on how to Safely Use their Products

All businesses along the supply chain carry this sacred obligation, including manufacturers, distributors and retailers. When they cut corners and as a result, you are injured, you may count on the offices of NJ Product Liability Attorney, Edward C. Lutz for redress. Mr. Lutz’s product liability experience has resulted in monetary compensation for his clients.

If you need help with a claim or lawsuit involving a defective product, contact New Jersey Product Liability Attorney Edward Lutz today.

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